Friday, 18 November 2022

24 Ink Drawings

All 24 images Blu-tacked to the wall.

24 Ink drawings on different paper.

Partly to see which paper and pen/ink combination was the most satisfying, and partly for the fun of drawing a lot of similar things and seeing them all together.

Completed sometime in the Spring of 2022.

Variously: Deleter maru dip pen, Jackson's India Ink, Dr PH Martin's Bombay Black India Ink, Rotring pens and ink.

The watercolour papers aren't designed for this kind of concentrated attention with steel nibs, but it's good to know they stand up to it well so that you can do this kind of drawing and have a nice surface to colour it with watercolours.

The most satisfying were Faber Castell Mixed Media, Strathmore 300 Bristol Velum, and Bockingford Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper using Dr PH Martin's Bobmay black and a Maru Pen for outlines and a Rotring 0.1 and 0.18 for the areas of textured black. One of the properties of the Bockingford CP that made it so nice - its resilience to the nib and multiple erasing of pencil - would also cause it to wear down those very fine nibs, I think.


Paper in order of the images above:

  1. Clairefontaine Graph It 90g
  2. Strathmore 300 Bristol Smooth
  3. Strathmore 400 Bristol Smooth
  4. Strathmore Printmaking 280g
  5. Bockingford HP
  6. Faber Castell Mixed Media
  7. Arches CP
  8. Strathmore 300 Bristol Vellum
  9. Canson HP Moulin Du Roy
  10. Arches HP
  11. Strathmore Printmaking 120g
  12. Bockingford CP
  13. I Love Art Gerstaecker Bristol 200g
  14. Clairfontaine Acrylique 360g
  15. Jackson's HP
  16. Arches HP
  17. Canson CP
  18. Fabriano Bristol
  19. Daler Langton Prestige HP
  20. Daler Langton HP
  21. Daler Aquafine Texture 300g CP
  22. Fabriano Tecnico
  23. Deleter 135g Manga
  24. St Cuthbert's Mill Botanical Ultra Smooth